Amateur Poker Player Walks Away with £2 Million Prize

Amateur Poker Player Walks Away with £2 Million Prize

Amateur Poker Player Walks Away with £2 Million Prize

The World Series of Poker is as big as it gets in the poker world. This is where all of the stars of the game rub shoulders with skillful aspiring professionals and amateurs, with the former usually enjoying all of the acclaim and the latter often disappearing long before the TV cameras are turned on.

Except, this year it was a little different. John Hesp is a Yorkshireman born and bred. He runs a caravan park and lives in the seaside destination of Bridlington. The 64 year old entered the competition with little hope, but he soon made it into the top 100, at which point everyone wanted a piece of him.

The cameras all turned on this flamboyantly dressed pensioner. They loved him for his dress sense, his skill at the table and the fact that he was open and friendly with all other players. And the more they watched, the better he did. Soon the top 100 became the top 50, then the top 10. When he made it onto the final table the world tuned in; he had millions of fans and the poker world at his feet.

Hesp was able to make it into fourth place in the end, coming away with £2 million in prize money and his name etched forever onto the list of poker superstars.

From Amateur to Superstar

While amateur success is not entirely uncommon, it is a little unusual for it to happen to this degree. Previous amateurs who have walked away with such high prizes have done so because they’ve learned the game in the fast-paced and ruthless world of online poker, where top online casinos like Bet365 are king.

But Hesp’s experience was limited to playing small games at his local casino, often for a few pounds at a time. He bought his $10,000 entry into the WSOP Main Event because it had been something he had always wanted to do. It was a dream that he was able to buy his way into. He never though that he would make it into the money and he certainly never thought that he would leave the tournament as one of the most memorable players, not to mention the £2 million extra he now has in his bank account.

Despite all of that, Hesp has no plans to turn professional and as soon as he returns home he will be hitting up his local real money casino to play his favorite game with friends.

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