Battle Between Bookmakers and Problem Gambling Organization Set to Begin

Battle Between Bookmakers and Problem Gambling Organization Set to Begin

There is a fierce battle of the north-west on Sunday as Manchester United take on Liverpool in a game that never fails to deliver. But there is another fight going on, and one that will happen during the ad break, possibly while millions of fans are completely oblivious.

Bet Regret vs Gambling Companies

That fight involves a campaign known as Bet Regret, which was created by the Gamble Aware problem gambling organization. The mission is to reduce problem gambling and to make more people aware of the issues that it can cause. As it will run during the half-time break and prior to kick-of, there is a good chance that a lot of people will see it and take heed of the warning.

Or rather, there would be, if not for the fact that these ad breaks are prime targets for gambling companies. What this means is that the Bet Regret advert will run in the middle of adverts for bookmakers.

You’ll basically get a 3 minute ad break that consists of 30 seconds warning people against the potential dangers of gambling and 2 minutes 30 seconds offering them bonuses in order to coax them into it.

A leading campaigner was quoted as saying that the gambling companies will purposely try to drown the Bet Regret message out, but that’s not really what’s happening here. These ad breaks have always been hot property in the gambling community and they would exist regardless of Gamble Aware’s campaign.

It’s like an unknown tea-totaler walking into a local pub, taking a seat typically reserved for someone else, and then preaching about the dangers of drink. Still, we completely understand what they are doing and while it may not make a lot of sense on the surface, it could do some good.

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