Castle Builder Two: New Slot Expands on Unique Original

Castle Builder Two: New Slot Expands on Unique Original

The Castle Builder slot was a popular slot that inspired many to play and managed to get many hooked. However, it was ultimately flawed and didn’t have the feel of a slot that was as good as it could have been.

All of the elements were there, but there was a lot lacking as well. It wasn’t as generous as it could have been and big wins were nonexistent. What’s more, while there was a lot of incentive for the player to play for many hours and to keep coming back, they didn’t do enough with the story, with collectibles, unlockables and everything else.

That looks set to change though as the launch of Castle Builder Two has managed to live up to the hype that the original game created and to fill in the holes that it left. This game looks very similar and works in a similar way as well, but there is so much more to Castle Builder Two that you couldn’t find in the original and we for one prefer this sequel.

Castle Builder Two: What it Offers

Many online casino games are blurring the edges between social and competitive gaming and this is a game that perfectly combines the two. There are elements of RPG games in there, there is a social aspect and there is also a story to follow, all of which is piled on top of what is, in essence, an online slot machine.

As you play Castle Builder Two you progress through different worlds, getting to better places as you build better castles. You more you play and the better you do, the more of the game environment you unlock and the more chances you get to win big. There is still a sense that they could have offered bigger prizes and there is still an element of unfairness when you’re playing for hours of end and the game keeps giving out the smallest prize, even though it insists you have just as much chance of winning the biggest and second biggest.

These are the elements that plagued the first game and had many saying that Castle Builder was rigged. However, while we didn’t win big, we did walk away with a profit in the end and that was enough to convince us that while a little unfair and weighted toward the house, there doesn’t seem to be any major foul play going on here.

Also, you have a game that is very attractive and very fun to play. It combines many of the elements that we—and everyone else—love and if it was a little more generous then it could easily be voted as one of the best new games of 2017.

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