Deadline Looms for PA in Gambling Surge

Deadline Looms for PA in Gambling Surge

Last year, following a bill by Governor Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania became only the fourth state in the USA to legalise online casino gambling. It’s something that we take for granted in Europe and something we’ve had for years, but PA were breaking new ground in 2017 and now that law is forcing some huge change to be made.

July 16, 2018 was the deadline for which applications had to be made for companies hoping to acquire a license and as that deadline loomed several major companies submitted their plans.

What it Means for Gambling in PA

The law stated that all licensed would be granted for the discounted price of $10 million, but only if they were submitted in time and only if those applicants already had offline gambling licenses.

PA forced this law through not necessarily because they want to be progressive and don’t think online gambling causes harm, but because their coffers were empty and they saw this act as a quick and easy way of filling them.

The applications were submitted by three land-based casino owners who currently have, or are building, casinos in the state.

There are still many more licenses that can be granted, but now that the deadline has just passed they will need to pay the full price of $12 million if they want their share of the spoils.

In any case this is great news for gamblers in PA, but not in the way you might think. It won’t open the doors to worldwide casinos and will merely allow PA gamblers to play with a select number of licenses. Still, it’s a huge step in the direction and once the rest of the US sees how much money can be made from it, they may follow suit.

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