From 20 Cents to 27 Grand: One Player Wins Big at CasinoPop

From 20 Cents to 27 Grand: One Player Wins Big at CasinoPop

CasinoPop is not an online casino that is used to making the news. But that looks set to change as one of their players has just won a big jackpot and thrust them into the news. That jackpot was a cool €27,000 and it came from a bet of just €30. To some players—mainly small stake players—that is a lot of money. But no matter how you look at it, it’s an impressive return nonetheless.

It gets more impressive though, because that €30 wasn’t from a single spin on a slot machine or a single game of roulette. It didn’t come from a progressive jackpot and it didn’t even come from 1 session of a top rated casino game. In fact, this player’s story may sound very similar to your own story, albeit with a slightly better ending.

How One Player turned 30 into 27,000

This player deposited just €30 on his CasinoPops account for a night playing slots. Like many of us, he quickly got frustrated when he started losing a lot of money. He was playing small stakes and was there to have a good time and to spend a night enjoying the slots, but before long his money had dwindled and it was looking like an early night.

At one point in time, he had just €0.20 left. At this point it is said that he opened up a new slot—Hansel & Gretel from NetEnt—and placed his money on a single spin. He won €10 from that spin, a which point his night began again in full.

Playing more NetEnt slots, he soon had €100. After a successful single spin, his balance shot up to €15,000. And he didn’t stop there, because while many of us would have walked away happy with the sizable profit, this player continued and nearly doubled his money again.

True Story?

This story comes from a reputable source and after a short time it was covered elsewhere. It sounds fantastical, it sounds a little hard to believe. It’s a story suited to Hollywood (although one person playing a slot would be pretty dull) but we like to think it’s true. It certainly could be and we for one will be assuming it is.

After all, it’s the sort of story that every gambler needs to give them hope when their money is dwindling and they are hoping for a miracle on their chosen real money casino.

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