iGaming Super Show: Biggest Show of 2017 so Far

iGaming Super Show: Biggest Show of 2017 so Far


The iGaming Super Show is an annual event that attracts scores of delegates and showcases the best new innovations around. It is an event that has been growing year on year and in 2017 it had its biggest year yet.

You may not have heard of it right now, but you will be desperate to become a part of it the time you finish reading this article.

What is the iGaming Super Show?

Held in the Netherlands, this show brings together the biggest and best from the world of iGaming, or online casino gaming. It is the E3 of the interactive gaming and gambling world and the fact that it has been growing by nearly a tenth every year shows you just how hot this industry is right now.

Like all good industry-leading shows, the iGaming Super Show has a great number of exhibitions, with showcases from the names we all know and love. It’s a way for affiliates to learn about new games to promote, for online casinos to learn about new developers to add to their platform. It’s also a brilliant opportunity for exciting creators out there to show the industry why it should pay attention to their creations.

If you are passionate about this industry then this is the show for you. And you need to make sure you visit, because the more people that drop by, the bigger it becomes and the more this sector can grow.

What was 2017 so Special?

Held over the course of a few days near the middle of July, the iGaming Super Show 2017 attracted 4,718 delegates, a record number. The majority of people at the event were operators and most were in the B2B section of the event.

There were also a large number of affiliates though, as well as a sprinkling of regulators and people from the media. This latter group has grown considerably as well, showing that more and more people are looking to cover the event and that more publications think it’s worthy of such coverage.

The main themes of the exposition included payment gateways, regulations and compliance laws. If it’s being discussed in this sector, if it’s a hot topic or if it’s something that is about to be launched, then it could be found here.

As always, there were many different sections relating to the different aspects of the industry. These included sports betting, platforms on real money online casinos, lotteries and all of the other tech you will find at the hottest and highest rated online casinos of the moment.

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