Jumanji: Another Exciting New Realize from NetEnt

Jumanji: Another Exciting New Realize from NetEnt

Jumanji has had a strange history in the media. It began life as a film based on a board game, after which it was actually turned into a board game, and a computer game. Many years later, after it had been a film, computer game and board game, it became a film, one that was neither a sequel, prequel or remake. This was followed by a few more adaptations and now, thanks to NetEnt, it seems to have culminated with the release of a real money online casino slot machine.

So, it’s a slot that is based on a film which is based on a board game that is based on a film which is about a board game. But don’t worry, because the slot itself is not as confusing as the journey this franchise has taken.

The Jumanji Slot Machine

NetEnt are arguably the best real money casino slot developers in the world right now, up there with BetSoft in terms of aesthetic appeal and Playtech in terms of playability. They are a combination of the best parts and the only time they let us gamblers down is when they rush out quick and poorly made releases. Thankfully, Jumanji is not one of those.

NetEnt struck a deal with Sony Pictures to release a slot that was based on the new film. This full license means that we’ll see plenty of shots of Jack Black, The Rock and the rest of the all-star cast, as well as video clips and soundbites taken directly from the film.

It’s too early to say what else the slot will contain as we haven’t been able to get our hands on a trial version just yet, but if previous NetEnt film licenses are anything to go by then it should be awesome. Whether we will be able to say the same about the new Jumanji film, however, is a different story.

Where to Play Jumanji Slot

Jumanji will soon be available on the highest rated NetEnt casinos around the world, which means it should be everywhere from Bet365 to LeoVegas, because online casinos love this developer as much as the players do and most of them seem to stock their latest titles.

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