Mega Moolah Strikes Again: Player Wins Nearly €4 Million

Mega Moolah Strikes Again: Player Wins Nearly €4 Million

Mega Moolah is a hugely famous online slot machine, notorious for producing millionaires thanks to the fact that it has a higher jackpot than any other online slot machine. In the past it has produced jackpots of more than £10 million and the record was over £15 million, which was won by a UK player on the BetWay Casino.

There is a new player to add to that list this month as someone has just scooped a very impressive €3.722.520 from playing this life changing Microgaming title. It’s a jackpot that everyone knows about and that everyone wants to win, but one that is reserved for the lucky few, a small list that has just increased by 1.

The Details of the Win

The win actually happened in late May, but details didn’t start to spread until the following month. Not a lot of details have been released about the player or the way they played, but what we do know is that this jackpot followed another Mega Moolah jackpot just a few weeks earlier. This means that this single slot has paid out several million in under a month and has completely changed the lives of two winners in that time.

That is the power of online gambling and it is the thing that everyone loves about Mega Moolah. This game is often called “The Millionaire Maker” for obvious reasons, and it just made two more millionaires. There is room for more though, so don’t despair, start playing and you never know, you might just make the next millionaire jackpot announcement.

More Where That Came From

There are many more jackpots lying in wait, so if you fancy your luck then click onto your favorite Microgaming casino and start playing this game today.

Mega Moolah has paid out in excess of €700 million so far. One of the things that makes it so special is the seed amount, which is the amount that all jackpots begin at. At €1 million, this seed amount is higher than any other jackpot slot, which means that it has a strong base on which to build.

As a progressive jackpot slot, a little bit of money from every spin is added to the jackpot and it builds from there So, the more that people play, the higher it becomes. In theory, there is no end to the amount you can win. But at the very least you will scoop seven figures, which is a number all players will be happy with.

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