One Lucky Player is Living the Dream After Big Jackpot Win

One Lucky Player is Living the Dream After Big Jackpot Win

There have been a few big jackpot wins this month as everyone prepares for summer with a few extra coins in their pocket. Many of these wins have been in the tens of thousands and haven’t really made the headlines. But recently one player beat the odds to secure a lot more than just a few thousand.

In fact, that player won a total of £1.3 million and within hours of claiming the prize they had plans on what to do with it and how it was going to change their life for the better.

Lucky Win

If you’re anything like us then you may find yourself thinking that all the big jackpots go to the people who risk in excess of €20 per spin. If you read these jackpot stories (or write them in our case) then that certainly seems to be the trend. It’s disappointing for most players as the majority don’t bet more than €1. But this story is one for those smaller stake players, because this jackpot was secured with a bet of just £0.25!

That’s a micro stake that managed to secure a massive jackpot and it gives a renewed hope to micro stake players everywhere. The casino in question was BGO casino. It was played on their mobile casino, which uses the Playtech software and has a number of big jackpot games. The game that won the money was Gladiator, based on the film of the same name. It’s not a hugely popular title, but it will surely get a new lease of life now that it has paid out such an impressive jackpot.

Life Changing Sum

The winner was a 47 year old married mother of two who worked in a job center. She spent her days helping others to get jobs, focusing on struggling people and on entry level jobs, while earning little more than minimum wage herself. And we use the past tense because this mother of two no longer works in that center.

As soon as she realized that she had won the money, she quit her job and set her sights on an early retirement. £1.3 million may not be enough to live a life of luxury for decades to come, but it can certainly make her life easier for the foreseeable future. It is her ticket to an early retirement, to cruises around the Med, to great educations for her kids and grandkids, and to everything else she needs.

If she puts the money in a saving’s account then she can also live off the interest. But the best thing for this lucky winner to do is to sink more money into a slot machine and hope for the best. It happened once before and it can happen again. Clearly, luck is on her side and there are many more jackpots out there just waiting for a slice of fortune.



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