PokerStars Makes More Millionaires in 2017

PokerStars Makes More Millionaires in 2017

PokerStars is the biggest poker site in the world and one that has launched the careers of countless poker superstars. It’s where you will find the very best poker players of this generation and it’s where online superstars test their mettle. But it’s not just the PokerStars poker software that has been changing the lives of gamblers around the world because in 2017 PokerStars Casino made 9 new millionaires!

The 9 Millionaires

Making 9 new millionaires doesn’t look that impressive when you compare it to the number of millionaires that the likes of Bet365 made last year. But Bet365 is the biggest gambling site in the world and while PokerStars is the biggest poker site, its casino is still relatively unheard of.

The fact that it paid out over $10 million in single 7-figure jackpot prizes is fantastic when you take this into account, and that doesn’t even include the many smaller prizes they paid out. In fact, that $10 million+ was paid out to just 9 players, all of whom had their life changed following a single session on their favorite slots. They now owe a deb of gratitude to PokerStars casino and will clearly not forget the name in a hurry. eAnd with news of their winnings spreading far and wide, it’s surely a matter of time before everyone else is familiar with the PokerStars casino brand.

In other words, as big as 2017 was for PokerStars and as generous as they were throughout the year, it’s highly likely that 2018 will be an even bigger year, one in which they payout more prizes and make many more millionaires.

Who knows, this time next year we could be reporting on how PokerStars casino has made 20, 30 or even 50+ millionaires and if you take a chance with this big gambling brand then you could be one of them.

What Does PokerStars Casino Offer?

They have always had some of the best bonuses and promotions, because while they are a relatively small and new casino, they are backed by a huge brand, one that is worth billions and one that is never short of a few million dollars. They are very generous with this money and that’s what makes this a very good time to signup. When they become bigger and better, rivaling real money online casinos like Bet365, then they might not be as generous, but they are doing everything they can to get to that point right now, including giving a lot of money away.

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