Statistics Show that Desktop Gambling is Dead and Security is Scarce

Statistics Show that Desktop Gambling is Dead and Security is Scarce

If you were to hazard a guess as to how many gamblers used mobile devices compared to those who used desktops, what would it be? 40%, 50%? In actual fact, it has been estimated that 70% of all gamblers now use their mobile and this number is growing with every passing year.

95% Growth Every Year

The 2019 Gambling Industry Report by Iovation noted that since 2012 there has been a 95% rise in mobile gambling every single year. The goal of this report is mainly to focus on cyber security issues (they noted, for instance, that over 9 million fraudulent gambling transactions were halted in 2018) but it gathers a lot of other interesting data as well.

It’s a report that looks at trends and uses these trends to predict where the gambling industry is going. And based on this report, it seems fair to suggest that this industry is going to become even more mobile-centric, while also doing even more to prevent abuse.

The report noted that bonus abuse has increased by nearly 300% in the last three years. They also found that there has been an increase in cheating and other game abuses, although while this is climbing year on year, the growth is not exponential and actually seems to be slowing down.

One of the most supposing inclusions was the suggestion that VIP accounts are being sold for money laundering purposes, an activity that seems to be growing year on year. These accounts typically process very large sums of money without anyone batting an eyelid and they also receive a number of rebates, gifts, and more, making them the perfect target for criminal gangs seeking to “clean” large sums of money.

Problem gambling also seems to b on the rise, although Iovation noted an increase in self-exclusion, suggesting that players are becoming more proactive in dealing with this issue.

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