The Future of Gambling with Cryptocurrency Just Got Brighter

The Future of Gambling with Cryptocurrency Just Got Brighter

The world has gone Bitcoin mad right now and the session with this currency is dragging all other cryptocurrencies along with it. There are fears about a bubble, there are concerns that it could be worth everything one minute and nothing the next, but at the same time there are experts predicting it will be the future of currencies and there are many major retailers leaning toward accepting it.

One of the big changes that could be on the horizon for this industry stems from the gambling industry.

How Gambling Will Change Cryptocurrencies

Let’s be honest, Bitcoin would not be what it is today if not for illicit use. It was a major currency used for black market drug purchases and its invention was the reason that markets like Silk Road were able to thrive. This popularity helped to improve the status of this coin and ensure it was used for legal purposes, but another major driving force behind its growth is the gambling industry.

Bitcoin casinos are in plenty supply and while they are usually niche, there is set to be a change that will propel this cryptocurrency and others into the big time. It comes in the form of a new motion by the Malta Gaming Authority who are currently testing a platform that will allow them to roll-out cryptocurrency banking options throughout all of their licenses.

That might not mean much to the average casino gambler, but diehard gamblers who love cryptocurrencies will no doubt be ecstatic by that news, because the Malta Gaming Authority, better known by the abbreviation MGA, are huge.

They oversee operations at some of the biggest real money online casinos in the world, including everything from newer and lesser known casinos like LeoVegas and Casumo, to industry giants like BetFair, Ladbrokes and 888. In other words, this not only signals intent from the major operators in this industry, but it could mean that in just a few months you will be able to use Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw on some of the biggest online casinos in the world.

The Future of Bitcoin

If this does happen then it will not only change online casino gambling as we know it, but it will also signal another push for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s already soaring, but if it becomes available on online gambling sites then it means that millions more transactions will be processed every single day, totaling hundreds of billions a year and ensuring that Bitcoin takes one step closer to being the currency of the future.

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