Two Players Win Big: And Not a Slot Machine in Site

Two Players Win Big: And Not a Slot Machine in Site

Usually, when we write about big wins on real money online casinos, it’s all about slot machines. Every now and then we talk about big wins on poker sites. That’s where the money seems to be, but this month there was a huge win that came from a popular table game.

Two players, both from the UK, are said to have won close to £350,000 playing roulette. This came in a short space of time, with some high stakes being thrown around and some life changing money swapping hands. All of this took place on something known as The Roulette Professional Series, which can be found on the Royal Panda Casino.

The Big Wins

The Roulette Professional Series is a live casino version of roulette. This top rated online casino has also been celebrated for its quality live dealer games. There are no queues, the games themselves are fast, and they have some of the most variety you will find anywhere. Even top rated online casinos like Bet354 can’t match Royal Panda when it comes to live dealer games.

Based on the stats we have about these big wins, it looks like the players must have been staking as much as £1,000 a spin. And that’s not a surprise, as Royal Panda have some of the highest limit roulette games around and these guys clearly took advantage of them.

One player, a 32 year old Dutchman named Nicholas, won over £100,000 in just a few bets, with several of those bets landing over £32,000 each.

He wasn’t the biggest winner either. That went to a man known only as Paul. This UK player is said to have won as much as £62,000 in a single spin (which means he likely bet much more than £1,000).

How They Did It

We’re not going to reveal an insider secret, so don’t get your hopes up. These guys won big on luck alone. They also had a lot of money to throw around and clearly were happy to take the risks with an amount of money that many of us don’t earn in a year.

Based on the amounts that they won, it is likely that they were betting on single numbers. They return big wins if you’re lucky enough but you’ll lose around 50 times for every 1 time you win, and that’s a huge risk to take. Your day may come and your wins may be mentioned here as well, but you can win big without betting big, so stay responsible.

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