Win a Share of $1,000 at Red Star Casino

Win a Share of $1,000 at Red Star Casino

Sign-up and play on Red Star Casino this month and you can take advantage of an impressive new competition. This competition is not as big as some of the ones offered by gambling giants like Bet365. But at the same time, it’s not one that’s restricted to high rollers and gamblers willing to go all out.

What makes this one so special is that everyone can take part and because Red Star have some of the best bonuses around right now, there has never been a better time to join and take advantage.

What’s on Offer

You can win a piece of a $1,000 price by taking part in this new competition. But there is more to it than that. The competition takes the form of a leaderboard, one that you can climb with every slot that you play and every cent that you spend. The more you play, whether you win or lose, the more points you get and the closer to the big prizes you become.

The top prize is a brand new top-of-the-range iPad, with the $1,000 being paid out to the finishers just below the top spot. And even if you don’t win the iPad and don’t make it into those places you can still win an impressive prize as Red Star are offering hundreds of free spins to people who finish just out of the place positions.

How to Enter

You need a Red Star account and you need to be active on that account, that’s pretty much it! As we said above, the thing that makes this competition so special is the fact that you don’t need to bet big in order to win big. Every bet that you place, whether it be on a mobile or browser slot, will earn you some points providing it has a value of more than £0.10.

This will still rule some micro-stake players out, but when you consider that many of these leaderboard competitions are restricted to players betting more than £1 or £2 per spin, it’s still generous. So check out this top online casino while you can and see if you can get on that leaderboard.

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