New online casinos

The online gambling industry is booming right now, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s practically a license to print money for the guys in charge, and once the leading brands earn money from one casino, they move onto another, and another.

There are hurdles to clear, sure, but it has never been easier for someone with a little capital and a little desire to setup an online casino and that is fantastic news for players everywhere. It means the pool has never been deeper, the choice has never been greater, and the bonuses have never been bigger.

  • Cop Slots Online Casino
    Cop Slots Online Casino

    Cop Slots Casino was created by Jumpman Gaming. It features a law enforcement theme and offers games from a number of developers. In this Cop Slots Casino review we'll see how it compares to other cas...

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  • Metal Online Casino
    Metal Online Casino

    Metalheads unitemdashthe world's first casino aimed at heavy metal fans is in town and it's taking things to another level. Metal Casino is unlike any online casino you have seen before. It welcomes y...

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  • Bingo Fling Online Casino
    Bingo Fling Online Casino

    Bingo Fling is a Jumpman Casino brand. These guys know how to create casinos and launched over half a dozen new ones in 2018, but very few of these can really be called top online casinos and in this ...

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  • Chelsea Palace Online Casino
    Chelsea Palace Online Casino

    We have spoken out against Nektan casinos in the past and Chelsea Palace Casino is another of them, a poor attempt at an online casino that was launched in 2018.

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  • BetSid Online Casino
    BetSid Online Casino

    BetSid Casino is a UK betting brand with a very localised fanbase. In fact, it was established in the Lancashire region and operates just under a dozen betting shops throughout the North West. It also...

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  • Aladdin Slots Online Casino
    Aladdin Slots Online Casino

    Aladdin Slots was launched in 2018 by Jumpman, a top casino brand that is responsible for a host of decent online casinos, while never quite launching the best casinos online. The question is, can Ala...

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  • Casimpo Online Casino
    Casimpo Online Casino

    The Casimpo Casino is run by ProgressPlay Limited and was established in 2018. It is a Microgaming casino first and foremost, but it also works with a number of other developers, as described below.

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  • Deal or no Deal Online Casino
    Deal or no Deal Online Casino

    Deal or no Deal managed to turn a very basic idea into one of the most popular gameshows in the world, and from there it even managed to become a popular theme with slot developers, bingo games and mo...

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  • Dove Bingo Online Casino
    Dove Bingo Online Casino

    Dove Bingo is an online casino launched under the Jumpman name, one of the busiest gambling brands in 2018 the year of Dove Bingo's launch. It's a UKcentric casino, and in this review we see if it has...

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  • Duelz Online Casino
    Duelz Online Casino

    Duelz Casino was launched in 2018 by a brand known as SuprPlay Limited. These days it seems like every brand has at least a dozen casinos under them, but that is not the case here and at the time of t...

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  • Jaak Online Casino
    Jaak Online Casino

    Jaak Casino was launched in 2018 to a huge number of players around the world. It is only restricted in handful of countries, including the United States and Italy, and it is available pretty much eve...

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  • Regent Online Casino
    Regent Online Casino

    Regent Casino is run by the same team behind Mr. Play, one that isn't that big or well known, but is working hard to change that. In this review we see how Regent Casino stacks up to the best rating c...

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  • Temple Nile Online Casino
    Temple Nile Online Casino

    Temple Nile Casino was launched in 2018 with the goal of being a highly rated online casino that could compete with the biggest and best in the industry. The question is, has it achieved its goal or h...

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  • Big Thunder Slots Online Casino
    Big Thunder Slots Online Casino

    At the time of writing, the casino brand Jumpman Gaming have just launched a number of casinos. As regular readers will know, we are always suspicious of brands that pump out casinos at such a high ra...

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  • Bonzo Spins Online Casino
    Bonzo Spins Online Casino

    Bonzo Spins is a Nektan casino, and we haven't given them a lot of respect in the past. But is Bonzo Spins another one of their many mediocre casinos or does it have the potential to be much more and ...

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  • Fever Bingo Online Casino
    Fever Bingo Online Casino

    Fever Bingo is a fun and colourful online casino that focuses on real money slots above all else. There is surprisingly little bingo for a website that has ldquobingordquo in its name and there are al...

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We have provided countless online casino reviews in the past. When we setup this site it was our goal to review all of the biggest and best casinos and to cover the new ones as best we could as well. But the more we wrote, the more were created. We hired more writers, did more research, and increased our efforts tenfold, but even now we still can’t quite keep up!

We’re close though. In fact, when it comes to comprehensive reviews and casino online ranking pages, there is no one bigger or better.

The Latest Online Casino Ratings

If you look below you will see all of the latest online casinos that have made it into our unique rankings setup. This ranking is unlike anything else being done online. It incorporates a range of criteria and utilises complete honesty throughout.

We don’t give preference to casinos just because we are affiliated with the brands that own them, and we definitely don’t let them off lightly. This is as true for older, more established brands as it is for new ones, and it’s why we are one of the fastest growing online casino ranking sites out there now.

All of the casinos you see below have been rated using our system. We have studied the pros and the cons, the great and the terrible, and we have highlighted everything they want you to know and everything they don’t. To see these for yourself and to discover if any new casino has made it onto our top online casino list, click these reviews for yourself.

Why Its Important to Choose Carefully

If you are under the age of 25, then your attitude towards new online casinos will be different to someone over this age. It is a similar story when comparing someone who has spent all of their lives in the UK to someone who has lived in a country like the United States.

That’s because modern casino gamblers have it relatively easy and comfortable in the UK. The industry is so saturated and so tightly regulated that scam casinos just don’t get a look in. In the early days of online gambling it was a different story, a Wild West of sorts, and older gamblers remember those days and still tread carefully because of them.

In the United States, strict laws against gambling ensure that those days are still very much alive and well, which is why scam casinos are so common over there.

These days, especially in the UK, they are incredibly rare. An online casino would need to spend a lot of money on marketing just to get noticed; they would need to jump through many legal hoops just to get regulated; and then they would have issues trying to get licenses from the big developers.

But while out-and-out scams are rare, sites setup with the goal of tricking you are not. There are sites that will lie about bonuses, knowing that their terms and conditions will cover them; sites that will get you to jump through many hoops when you withdraw, in the hope you will give up. Some of these sites even have respectable names and brands and we have reviewed them ourselves in the past.

So, while we do have it good in this day and age, and while out-and-out scams are rare, there are terrible online casinos out there that operate in similar ways and need to be avoided.

How New Casinos Stand Out

New casinos find it very hard to compete, so they have to get creative. They tend to work with many more developers than older casinos, which means they can offer more unique games and a portfolio of titles you won’t find anywhere else.

But the main way in which they set themselves apart is by offering bigger and better bonuses. They know that nothing entices modern casino play more than a big bonus, and so they go all-out in this area.

Some of the older, more established online casinos are still offering players just £20 to £50 in the form of a matched deposit bonus, some of them are even limiting their offerings to free spins. But new casinos have been known to go as high as £2,000 with bonuses that are split across several different deposits. Not only does this offer the player a huge incentive to signup, but it ensures they will stick around for more than one deposit.

Another thing that helps them in this area is the loyalty bonus. This was incredibly rare on old-school online casinos, with Spin Palace being one of the only ones that made the exception. But the new breed of online casinos has latched onto the lost art of the loyalty bonus and has gone to town on it, as best seen on casinos like Casumo and Cashimo.

What You Need to Look for

We do all of the work for you, showing you which new casinos are the best and which ones you should avoid. We look at everything from mobile compatibility to bonuses and more.

The only thing you need to do as a player is focus on the ones that are available in your country (even in the UK it is very common to find online casinos that are restricted) and offers your choice of banking options (be sure to check both deposit and withdrawal options).

We put this information on all of the casino reviews that we post, making it easier for you to find it and make your decision. We also link directly to the best bonuses, so that when you do make your decision you can signup and start playing right away!