Boxing Spectacle Set to Light the Gambling World on Fire

Boxing Spectacle Set to Light the Gambling World on Fire

Boxing Spectacle Set to Light the Gambling World on Fire

The final week of August will host one of the biggest sporting events of the year and arguably one of the biggest boxing matches of the last decade. Not because one of the sport’s current champions is fighting, but because one of its most talented and controversial athletes is fighting someone who has similar status in the UFC. This is billed as Boxing vs MMA and it stands to be a spectacle that will promote gambling in all forms.

Why Mayweather vs McGregor is a Big Deal

Boxing has had a resurgence in recent years thanks to champions like Joshua and Wilder. The old generation of the Klitschkos and the Mayweathers is gone. They were the boring fighters that didn’t produce interesting events. This year we saw the previous era knocked to its knees when Anthony Joshua beat former multi-world champion Klitschko, and it could be finished off if Mayweather is also dispatched.

It will also help to promote the UFC, while thrusting combat sports into the limelight once more. These are already big money sports, but they will be even bigger in a few short weeks. Of course, the UFC champ is up against it and most don’t fancy his chances, but win or lose, this ands to be a big fight that many will profit from

Why This Matters

Every time that a big event like this takes place, Vegas takes hundreds of millions of dollars in bets. That money gets pumped into the local economy and a sizable amount ends up in the government coffers. Add the vast interest that this fight is generating to the pot, along with Pay-Per-View fees, tourist dollars and more, and this fight will generate billions for the country.

That’s just what the US needs to convince the government to change the laws on gambling. Not only that, but all of the biggest gambling sites are planning to run promotions for the fight. There will be no better time to join a sportsbook and because so many real money online casinos are linked to sportsbooks, including the likes of Guts and Bet365, then it will have a knock-on effect that even us casino gamblers will benefit from.

More money means more promotions. More promotions means more advantages. And all of that helps to boost this sector, which in turn will make it better in the long run.

So, whether you see this as a sideshow, a waste of time or the best sporting event of the year doesn’t matter. Because no matter how you look at it, you can’t ignore the fact that this fight will provide a boost for sport, for tourism, for the US economy (and the economy of many other countries associated with the build up and the event itself) and, of course, a boost for the entire gambling industry.

Now that’s a spectacle worth witnessing.

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