How to Get Cashback Bonuses at Online Casinos as a High Roller

How to Get Cashback Bonuses at Online Casinos as a High Roller

Cashback bonuses have been the reserve of offline casinos for many years. But that is changing, because these bonuses are now making their way into the world of real money online casinos. They are just as good, just as useful and offer just as many benefits to the player.

In this guide to Cashback bonuses we will show you how to get the best bonuses on all real money online casinos that offer them. Just bear in mind that this is geared toward high rollers.

Play Big

The first step is to play big on the best online casinos out there. Make a deposit that is big and then play as you usually would.

This is the virtual equivalent of walking into a land based casino wearing a tuxedo, a Rolex watch and throwing lots of cash around. It helps you to get noticed and that’s exactly what you want.


The second step is just to wait. If you lost all of your money then don’t make another deposit and simply wait around. Eventually, they will email/phone you to ask where you have been. If you truly impressed them, they will ask a manager to do this in person and they will probably offer you something there and then.

Play the Game

When they contact you, let them know that the reason you left is because you didn’t think they offered enough for loyal players. Tell them that you tested the waters with a “Small” deposit and were happy with the setup, but you really prefer other sites.

Tell them that those other sites offer you regular bonuses, VIP treatment and a cashback scheme and it’s therefore much more lucrative for you to remain with them. When you do this, they will likely offer you something big. They will want you to return and if you lead them to believe that your first deposit was much smaller than usual, even though it was big, then they will do all they can to get you back.

What if you Don’t Have the Money

The reason the above trick works better than simply asking for a cashback scheme beforehand is because it brings them to you. It gets you in touch with a manager who can change things and make big offers. If you went direct beforehand, you would probably still get an offer, but only with restrictions and it wouldn’t be as big.

If you don’t have a lot of money to throw around at these top rated casinos, then this is your only option. Tell them that you are currently with another casino and that they offer you such a scheme, but you will transfer if they can match the offer.

You will have to tempt them by telling them how much you play, how much you spend, etc., So if you don’t have a lot of money then you will need a lie a little.

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