Casino Games that you Can Play as a Professional

Casino Games that you Can Play as a Professional

The vast majority of online casino games are heavily weighted towards the house. That’s the way they want it, it’s the way they can keep doing what they are doing and most players seem to be okay with it as well. But there are some players who refuse to play these games, players who don’t want to give the casino any edge. These players only play games that they know they have a good chance of winning, games that can be turned in their favor with a little luck, skill and knowledge.

This a list of those games. So if you’re sick of the casinos having the edge then learn these ones, turn the odds in your favor and start winning big.


Not all games of poker can be beaten with ease. To start with, you need to be playing against other players and not the house. If you’re playing three-card poker, which is played against the house, then the odds will be firmly in their favor. If you’re playing games like Texas Hold’em or Omaha against other players, then it just takes a little skill and a lot of knowledge to get the better of them. That’s why hundreds of players around the world make a very good living playing this game.

Video poker is one of the few games that is played against the house and can be beaten, but it’s not quite as easy as PvP games and you won’t win as often either.


There are many professional blackjack players out there and many ways that you can beat this game. Firstly, it is not illegal to count cards, contrary to what you might think. It can get you thrown out of many casinos, but it’s not illegal if you don’t use a device to count. Secondly, blackjack needs to be played to a careful strategy known as Basic Blackjack Strategy in order to win and you can only play the games that have a low house edge.

So, avoid games like Spanish 21 and Pontoon and focus on Classic Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack and Switch Blackjack—available on sites like Spin Palace. These can be played online and offline and it takes just the smallest bit of luck to swing things in your favor.

Sports Betting

There is no effective “system” that will lead you to big wins in horse racing and other sports betting. However, you can win money consistently by employing strategies such as matched betting and by playing the betting exchanges like you would the stock exchange. You can also win good money simply by knowing what you are doing. You won’t win all of the time, but good knowledge of a particular sport can lead to a sizable profit in the long-run.

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