Casino Games with the Highest and Lowest House Edges

Casino Games with the Highest and Lowest House Edges

There is a certain amount of skill needed with many real money online casino games, but the vast majority are all about luck. One of the ways you can turn the tables, however, is to focus on the games that have the best house edges and to ignore the ones that have the worst.

To point you in the right direction, here is a list of the best and worst house edge games, focusing on the highest rated Microgaming casinos and Playtech casinos, as well as games you can find on NetEnt, BetSoft and other top software.

The Best House Edges

One of the game that offers the very best house edge is Classic Blackjack. Providing it follows the basic rules and uses a single deck, this is a game that offers a huge chance of winning.

It should ignore bonus features and side-bets. It should avoid all gimmicks (except Switch and Double Exposure) and it should be stripped back to the very basics. Only then will you know that you’re playing a game where your chances of winning are almost as high as the casino’s.

Video poker games are also great and offer a wealth of features that allow you to get one up on the house. Deuces Wild is one of the better formats out there but you can also find Jacks or Better games that offer a very low house edge. Just make sure you avoid the games that allow you to play 50 or 100 hands at a time, as well as the ones that only start paying when you hit trips.

The thing that makes video poker so good is the fact that you can use a little skill and knowledge of poker in order to get the better of the house.

The Worst House Edges

Generally, any game that is devoid of skill and is entirely luck-based is a game that you you avoid and a game that has its edge firmly in favor of the house. Roulette and craps are perfect examples of this and typically have very high house edges.

They are not the only ones though. You can also find games like War, also known as Casino War, at places like Spin Palace. It is a quick and simple game but it also has a house edge that is nearly 20% which is huge and means that the house will win most of the time.

Keno is another game that is weighted in favor of the house, even if it doesn’t seem like that to begin with. The house edge here can be as high as 29% and is rarely anything less than 25%.

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