Don’t Panic: The Basics of Casino Etiquette

Don’t Panic: The Basics of Casino Etiquette

There are very few rules where real money online casinos are concerned. You play the table games on your own, the slots on your own and the scratch cards on your own. Unless you delve into the world of live dealer games, which can be found on the highest rated casinos with roulette, then that remains the case.

Because of this, many online casino gamblers can’t make the switch into the world of land-based casinos from sites like Bet365. They struggle to transition, not quite understanding the etiquette rules. So, let’s cover them here for you.

Tipping the Dealer

One of the main differences between online casinos and offline ones, is that the dealers are real people in offline casinos and in most cases they should be tipped. This is not mandatory, of course, and if you lose then you are not obligated to do it at all.

But if you win big, be sure to give the dealer a chip or two. If you are playing dollar games, then a dollar will do. If you are playing for hundreds of thousands, then $20 or so will suffice.

If you are not sure how to tip and are anxious about the process, just wait and watch. It will only be a matter of time before someone else does it and you can take your cue from them.

Waiting your Turn

It is important not to muscle in when there are queues. If you have played live dealer games at real money online casinos then you will understand there there are always queues for table games. This is rarely the case with offline casinos as there are usually enough tables, but these can still be full.

If they are, don’t hover over the table. Instead, find a game nearby and sit and wait. You can also wait by the bar if you choose. There should be many tables offering the same game and you should only need to wait for a few minutes before one of these is free. When it is, take your drink, walk to the table and ask if the seat is free, as it may be that the player merely left to go to the bar or bathroom.


There are many more players playing the same games as you at the casino. However, these might not want you to talk to them. So, don’t just assume that it is okay to start chatting away and asking them personal questions, as many drunk players tend to do.

Just be nice, friendly, courteous and maybe engage in polite small talk. If you feel like they are open and willing to talk more, then you can commit to going further. Befriending the people next to you at a poker or blackjack table can be a great way to make the night go quickly.

Just make sure you are quiet and respectful when they are making a big decision, such as during a key poker hand. You will notice that players on the poker tables will talk freely at the start and end of each hand, but will remain quiet if a lot of chips are in the pot and people are making up their minds about playing or folding.

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