Five Top Tips — How to Win at Video Poker

Five Top Tips — How to Win at Video Poker

One of the most popular virtual games in both offline and online casinos, video poker is easy to learn and difficult to master, but if you can make it through that learning arc then you can earn a consistent profit playing this game.

This is a real money casino game that requires a lot of knowledge and a few tricks to get the better of.

Tips for Winning at Video Poker

1. Understand Hand Vales

You don’t need to be an expert at poker to win at video poker. However, it is essential that you learn the value of all hands. This will be second nature to you eventually, but in the beginning you might need to play with a guide open nearby to explain these values to you.

2. Pick the Right Game

No two games of video poker are alike. There are slight variations in the payouts that could make a huge difference between whether you walk away with a profit or not.

So, find the payout percentage for each game and then choose the one that offers the higher. You should also focus on the ones that pay more for flushes and royal flushes. Jacks or Better versions tend to be good for this. Game variations depend on the software and on the real money online casino itself.

3. Take Bonuses

There will be times when you break even at the end of a long session. It’s not a disaster, and it’s certainly preferable to the alternative. What’s more, if you picked up a bonus to play with and if you are part of a loyalty scheme, then the extra points you will have earned will ensure you are actually in profit.

4. Stick to the Same Game

The more you play a single game, the more accustomed you will be to it and the more chance you will have of finding a pattern. That familiarity is key to all games and it plays a huge role in video poker.

5. Learn Probabilities

The best players are the ones who understand the probability of each action. They then weigh this probability against the expected outcome, allowing for a lower probability move when there is a greater reward on offer, but typically sticking with the moves that offer the highest probability.

For instance, they tend to stick with whatever pairs they get, as opposed to chasing straights. But if they have four of a kind, they will chase a flush. These are the things that will come naturally when you know the odds and it’s how you can get the better of even the top online casinos out there.

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