Four Ways to Beat the Odds at a Casino

Four Ways to Beat the Odds at a Casino

Casinos can seem infallible at times. They have a system that works for them and they use it to get money from every player that walks through their doors. But that’s not always the case and there are ways that they can be beaten.

1. Play in the Shadows

The games that have the poorest odds and earn the most money for casinos tend to be placed front and centre. They make the most noise, have the brightest lights and are in prime positions. The games that you want to focus on are the games that seem to be hidden away, the ones that the casinos clearly don’t want to draw too much attention to.

2. Find the Inexperienced Dealers

Dealers move quickly and are very good at what they do, but like everyone else they need to learn in order to get to that point. And if you find a dealer who is learning and is still sloppy then you can take advantage of it.

Some pros have made a very good living by visiting casinos and spotting sloppy dealers who expose cards that should be face-down and make costly mistakes. If you do the same you could make a fortune.

3. Look for Wonky Wheels

In small casinos that rely on old technology you will find roulette wheels that have been heavily worn down in places, wheels that favour certain numbers over others. Your first step should be to find an old casino with outdated equipment and your second should be to study the wheels.

Look for damaged frets, tilted positioning and worn numbers and then see how the wheel responds to the ball. Does a particular damaged or worn fret mean that the ball keeps landing on a specific number every time in lands in a given area? If so then you’ve just found a way to tilt the odds in your favour.

4. Avoid High House Edges

Penny slots, keno, craps and certain games of roulette all have high house edges that ensure the casino wins most of the time. You can be the exception, but that’s luck and to win big at a casino you can’t rely on luck. So, give these games a miss and focus instead on blackjack, high paying slots and poker if you want to be a winner.

You can usually find the odds of games online, but don’t expect to find them in the casino itself as they like to keep this sort of stuff hidden.

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