How to Get Perks and Freebies from Offline Casinos

How to Get Perks and Freebies from Offline Casinos

Land-based casinos are steadily being overtaken by the world of real money online casinos. It seems like the online casinos are beating the offline casinos, and most of this is down to the simplicity and convenience, as well as the fact they offer the best bonuses.

But with a little effort you can get more from these places. We usually focus on online casinos here, but we’re going to take a slight detour for a moment and show you how to get extra perks and freebies from offline casinos.


You won’t get anything if you don’t ask for it. So, ask to speak to a manager and request some bonuses, rebates, or whatever else they have. In most cases you’ll get something, even if it’s something small. But if you gamble frequently and with a lot of money then you should get even more.

High rollers get free penthouse suites, private gambling rooms, tickets to local events and more. They usually gamble first and when they are seen spending big, someone talks to them and makes the offer. But to save time and money, just approach the casino first and let them know how much you gamble.


If you don’t have the money behind you to bet big, then just fake it. If you pretend to be a big shot then you might just fool them into giving you freebies.

The best way to do this is to phone them in advance and tell them you are a personal assistant or head of security and would like to know if they can provide “their boss” with a private room, fully stocked bar and additional security.

Don’t mention how much you plan to gamble and when you eventually pull out hundreds instead of hundreds of thousands, they cant say anything because you didn’t lie.

Pretend to be Drunk

Once the night is drawing to a close and you have been drinking free drinks all night start to act very drunk and make sure you flash some car keys. Casinos love to supply free alcohol, but if you get in your car, drive and crash, the casino may be held liable and they will want to avoid it.

They may end up offering you a free room for the night just to keep you safe and to make sure lawsuits don’t follow. That’s the sort of hospitality you won’t get on Bet365 or any other highly rated casino with slots for that matter.

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