Myths About Online Casinos That You Shouldn’t Believe

Myths About Online Casinos That You Shouldn’t Believe

Have you been put off gambling because of some firm beliefs that turn you away? You might be surprised to know that a lot of what is considered “fact” is actually fake. There are many myths about there with regards to real money online casinos, ones that apply everywhere from black list casinos to the best casinos like WilliamHill. In this guide we will shed a little light onto those myths.

All Online Casinos are Rigged

These is simply not true. There are far too many regulators overseeing everything that the casinos do for them to get away with this. Not only that, but they don’t need to. The point that we always make is that, if you have a business that is guaranteed to make a big profit, why would you cook the books and risk prison and business failure just to squeeze a little more?

The gambling industry is huge, all games are weighted in favor of the house. That doesn't mean they are rigged, but it does mean that they don't need to be

You Can’t Trust Online Casinos

Of course you can. They are big companies and they are out to treat their customers well. After all, loyalty is key in this industry and they know that. They want you to stick around and they know that keeping you happy is the only way to do this.

Online Casinos Are Lonely

They are certainly not as loud and chaotic as land-based casinos and you won't have that community feel, but they are not as lonely as some people think.

There are communities, live chats, live dealer games and other ways to chat with fellow gamblers if you are that way inclined. You can even play multiplayer slots, chatting and gaming with others.

You Have to be a High Roller

Most real money online casinos are actually catered towards the smaller stakes gamblers. In fact, if anything it is the land-based casinos that require you to spend more. They need to pay dealers for their time, so they can't afford to have games that offer stakes of just $0.20 or so. Online casinos are automated though so they can and they actually go a lot lower than this.

If you are a high roller then there are options for you as well. In fact, if you play on high roller casinos then you will benefit more online than you will offline. So, don’t worry about the size of your stake, whether it's big or small.

In this case, size really doesn't matter.

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