The Best Games to Play in Online Casinos

The Best Games to Play in Online Casinos

Just because the house always has an edge doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay close attention to the games you play in real money online casinos. Some games are heavily weighted in their favor while others are tipped more closely to yours.

That’s not to say that you have the edge over them at any time, because you most certainly do not, but by placing the right games you can reduce the house edge and increase your odds of winning.

Here is a list of the best games for doing that.


Table games are usually the better option for reduced house edge and the best one of all is blackjack. This comes with the lowest house edge of any game, and that applies to offline and online casinos.

All blackjack games are good as all of them have a house edge of less than 4%. However, some of them are even better, with a house edge that drops to 1% and lower. So, look for Switch Blackjack on the highest rated Playtech casinos and Double Exposer on Microgaming.

Classic blackjack is also good for this.


The ultimate game for reducing the house edge. Poker is actually at its best when you’re playing games like Omaha and Hold’em against other players. These games can be found in poker rooms in the back of casinos, with the house usually taking a cut of each pot, as opposed to playing against you.

Casinos do play against the players with games of Three-Card and Video Poker though. Neither of these can match PvP Hold’em when it comes to your odds of winning, but they are still some of the best games out there.

Red Dog

Another table game, this one is a little simpler. Its benefits come from that simplicity. Basically, it’s a game of choice and because there are so few factors involved, the house edge is very slight. You only need a little luck to tip the balance in your favor.

This game can be found on real money online casinos like Spin Palace and is common across all Microgaming sites.


Another game of chance that offers decent odds, baccarat is actually popular with poker players because of this. There is no skill involved really, but your odds of success are always good and it’s well worth playing if you’re looking for a game that can help you to get one over on the house.

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