Unique Ways to Get Freebies From Online Casinos

Unique Ways to Get Freebies From Online Casinos

You know about bonuses, everyone does. They are a great way to unlock free cash from the best real money online casinos and the very best bonuses can take your play to new heights. But there are other ways to get extras and freebies from online casinos and in this guide we will show you how.


We’re not going to win any friends from online casinos by saying this, but a great way to get free bets, free spins and free bonuses in general, is to complain like mad. If you have something to complain about, great, if not, make something up.

It sounds cruel, we know, but these online casinos make a lot of money and no one will shed a tear if they lose an extra $5 or $10 here. This works because they don’t want bad reviews and bad publicity. They don’t care if one customer leaves, but they do care if that customer leaves because they are annoyed and then tells all their friends, followers and everyone on review sites to stay away.

Don’t be aggressive, because it’s not fair on the people who have to deal with your complaints, but by all means complain and 90% of the time you will get a goodwill gesture in the form of a free bet.


It sounds obvious and it is: if you ask for something then you might get it. This works in offline casinos, but it can also work in online one. Simply put, you just need to let them know that XYC casino has offered you something in order to convince you to join and that you would like to know if they could match or better it.

The trick is to imply that you are a “whale” (someone who gambles a lot of money and often loses most of it) without actually saying it. Just implying that you’re short on time, like to gamble in spurts/binges and that you usually get comped free rooms and VIP events at land-based casinos will be enough to convince them.

Don’t Forget the Loyalty Program

Finally, the most important bonus on any real money online casino is the loyalty bonus. Forget about a no deposit bonus or a matched deposit bonus. The one that will earn you the most over an extended period of time is the loyalty bonus. It’s rare, and some are much better than others, but if you find the right one, one that pays out cash amounts and doesn’t just throw keychains, t-shirts and free spins at you, then you’ll be set.

In fact, we recommend sticking with 1 casino and its loyalty program over joining many of them and taking new welcome bonuses each time. It’s much more profitable this way.

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